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CoroTurn HP Advanced cooling technology

The CoroTurn® HP programme consists of a full range of tool holders with advanced cooling technology. The fixed nozzles in the tool holder promise improved chip control, process security and high productivity, due to jets perfectly directed at the cutting zone. In combination with dedicated insert geometries for high pressure coolant, the performance in terms of tool life can be increased. 


Machining benefits

  • Improved chip control
  • Coolant precision ensures prolonged tool life in hard to machine materials
  • Fast and easy insert indexing/change
  • Process security


Tool features

  • High precision nozzles direct coolant exactly at the cutting zone
  • Designed for coolant pressures up to 275 bar (4000 psi)



  • All wet machining in external and internal turning
  • Improved chip control allows unmanned production where chips normally gather around the tool preventing automatic tool changing
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Product range

Coromant Capto

Quick change for turning centres and multi-task machines


CoroTurn SL

Modular tooling systems for internal machining and profiling/pocketing




QS™ Holding system
Quick change for sliding head machines 
​Shank tools and boring bars



CoroPlex TB
Combined turning and boring bar
Dedicated insert geometries
  • –MMC, -SMC and –PMC are insert geometries designed for high pressure coolant
  • For steel, stainless steel and HRSA material in grades GC4225, GC2025 and GC1115
  • The geometries are optimized for coolant pressure from 80 bar (1160 psi) but have documented benefits also at lower pressures
  • Available both in T-Max P and CoroTurn 107 insert styles  


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