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CoroTurn® Prime

A quantum leap

The PrimeTurning™ method helped increase productivity and reduce cycle time for an Indian aerospace components manufacturer faced with a challenging new order involving a difficult-to-machine steel grade.

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PrimeTurning™ triples productivity in turning at Godrej Aerospace


L4 geometry

Component:Slicing blade
Material:100 Cr 6, P1.1.Z.AN (CMC 02.2), 250 HB
Operation:Roughing, continuous cut
Reduced cycle time

Tool life

Competitor Sandvik Coromant
InsertCNMG 120412CP-B1108-L4 GC4325
vc m/min (ft/min) 350 (1,148)400 (1,300)
fn mm/rev (in/rev) 0.35 (0.014)0.8 (0.03)
ap mm (inch) 2 (0.079)2 (0.079)
Tool life13 45
Time in cut per component58 sec25 sec
Result The -L4 geometry achieves extremely good chip control and boosts the productivity for this thin and slender component.


Increased chip control and superior surface finish

Component:Ball bearing ring, internal diameter 300 mm (11.811 inches)
Material:CMC 02.2
Operation:Internal turning
Machine:EMAG vertical lathe

Roughing Finishing
InsertCP-B1108-M5 4325CP-A1108-L5W 4325
ap mm (inch)2 (0.079)1 (0.039)
fn mm/rev (in/rev) 0.8 (0.031)0.4 (0.016)
vc, m/min (ft/min)250 (820)250 (820)
Results The customer could see that the chips were easily evacuated from the hole, resulting in increased chip control and better surface finish. After seeing the result, the customer decided to implement CoroTurn® Prime SL heads throughout the entire production line.


-H3 geometry for extremely good chip control and excellent material removal

Component:Gear blank (8,000 pcs per year)
Material:St52.3 CMC: 01.1 MC: P1.1.Z.AN
Operation: Longitudinal turning
Annual costs saved

154 hours
Total time saved

Competitor Sandvik Coromant
InsertCNMG 120408CP-B1108-H3 GC4325
vc m/min (ft/min) 350 (1,148)460 (1,509)
fn mm/r (inch/r) 0.35 (0.014)1.2 (0.047)
ap mm (inch) 2 (0.079)2 (0.079)
Tool life80 pcs400 pcs
Time in cut per component90 sec20 sec


​CoroTurn® Prime A-type for light roughing, finishing and profiling​​

Material:Cast, SAE 1045, CMC 02.1, 207 HB
Machine: Gildemeister C​TV 250, Horizontal

Competitor Sandvik Coromant
InsertCompetitor insertCoroTurn Prime A-type (CP-A1108-L5 4325)
vc m/min (ft/min) 300 (984)300 (984)
fn mm/r (inch/r) 0.25 (.010)0.4 (.016)
ap mm (inch) 1.5 (.059)3 (.118)
Results (Tool 1/Tool 2)
Total cycle time13/59 sec20/11.5 sec
Tool life/edge90/270 pcs208/350 pcs


CoroTurn® Prime B-type for rough machining

Material:Forged, ASTM B564, CMC 20.21, 250 HB
Machine:Doosan Puma 3100M, Horizontal

Competitor Sandvik Coromant
InsertCompetitor insertCoroTurn Prime B-type (CP-B1108-M5 2025)
vc m/min (ft/min) 150 (492)150 (492)
fn mm/r (inch/r) 0.3 (.012)0.8 (.032)
ap mm (inch) 2 (.079)4 (.157)
Total cycle time2.42 min1.36 min
Tool life/edge 4 pcs9 pcs

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