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CoroTurn® SL

Customized tools for turning applications

CoroTurn® SL is a modular system of adapters and cutting heads with which you can build customized tools for a variety of turning applications with a minimum amount of items. The robust coupling and many possibilities for combinations make it ideal for building a tool for machining complex components.

Stability in vibration-prone operations

The modularity of CoroTurn® SL gives you the option to use Silent Tools™ dampened boring bars. This solution ensures maintained productivity and close tolerances in operations with long overhangs and other vibration-prone situations. As the same boring bar can be used for various types of cutting heads, you can use it for several operations.

Extra clearance when machining large components

CoroTurn® SL includes the SL70 interface—an oval coupling that provides excellent rigidity and accessibility, making it optimal for profiling and grooving operations on large components. Clearance is applied for external and internal machining, so each cutting head can be used in both configurations.

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  • CoroTurn® SL cutting heads feature precision coolant nozzles for improved chip control and process security
  • Quick change cutting heads as an option – easy-to-adjust cutting head for more flexible production

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  • CoroTurn® SL includes cutting heads and adapters for internal turning, grooving, threading, boring and multi-task machining
  • Cutting head diameters: 16-40 mm (0.630-1.575 inch)
  • For hole diameters down to 20 mm (0.787 inch)
  • For machining in turning centers, lathes and multi-task machines

Product range

Screw-mounted cutting heads

  • For hole diameters from 20 mm (0.787 inch)
  • Turning, grooving, threading, boring and multi-task machining

Quick change cutting heads

  • For hole diameters from 40 mm (1.575 inch)
  • Turning and threading

SL70 cutting heads

  • For hole diameters from 250 mm (9.842 inch)
  • Turning, grooving and face grooving
  • For profiling and pocketing of complex components

Tool holding

All types of adapters have internal coolant supply.

Coupling stability

The secret to CoroTurn® SL lies in the locking interface between the adapter and the cutting head. The robust Serration Lock (SL) interface allows you to combine exchangeable cutting heads and adapters as you please, while maintaining stability and performance.


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Extraordinary productivity for internal turning applications

With the CoroTurn® Prime SL head solution, it is possible to use our PrimeTurning™ methodology for internal turning for excellent chip evacuation and chip control.

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High-quality surface with Silent Tools™

CoroTurn® SL opens the door for Silent Tools™. See the effect of dampened tooling in turning applications with long overhangs.

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Modularity – the solution for seal fin grooving

Generating small radii profiles with correct profile widths puts high demands on a robust tooling solution. See how these features are machined using a tool combination of CoroCut® 1-2 SL70 cutting heads and inserts designed for seal fin grooving.

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