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​Precision-ground tools are perfect when producing small internal features with high quality. The large variety of adapters fits most types of machines.

CoroTurn XS is a system for solid carbide tools designed for exact cutting edge position, enabling high precision and repeatability in turning machining.​



  • Optimized for machining small, high-quality features
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Reliable and easy-to-use clamping system





Locking precision
  • Solid carbide boring bar fits precisely into the adapter with a locating pin
  • Rigid clamping with increased stability with collet clamped adapters
Precision-ground tools for high repeatability
  • Longer tool life by minimized micro-vibrations
  • Clamping nut ensures easy change of cutting tool
Internal coolant
  • Adapters are designed with internal coolant supply
  • Collet-clamped adapters have selectable coolant direction for better chip evacuation and safe machining

Different tooling options with high-precision coolant are available, see product details.





  • Internal turning, grooving, profiling, and threading in all materials
  • Face grooving
  • Finishing applications
  • Intended for light cutting data
    • Depth of cut 0.05–0.6 mm (0.002–0.024 inch)
    • Feed 0.01–0.05 mm (0.0004–0.0016 inch)


Tools are also available for pre-parting operations


ISO application area


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