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Tool holder program Tool holder program

Machine-adapted clamping units ‒ MACU

Machine-adapted clamping units 

These clamping units and driven tool holders are designed to fit specific turret interfaces with unique bolt patterns for each machine brand.

Quick change reduces your time spent on measuring, set-up and tool change, allowing for improved machine utilization. Coolant through technology ensures that the full capabilities of the machine are harnessed with optimized cutting units to deliver the coolant with maximum impact and reduce setting.


  • Turning ‒ two-axis and four-axis
  • Multi-task machines


Technical features

  • Quick change with Coromant Capto® tooling system
  • Through coolant delivery on all clamping units
  • High rigidity and precision for accurate tool positioning and stability


Turning centers and multi-task machine

coromant multi-tasking machine 

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