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Customized solutions

Let us design your unique tool

Why Choose Customized Solutions?

If your required product solution is not within our standard assortment, we have the expertise to individually engineer, design, and manufacture a bespoke product that meets your specific application demands. In our Customized solutions offer, you can choose between Tailor Made or Advanced Engineered, depending on your application complexity and component feature.

Tailor Made

With our Tailor Made range, we believe to have created an offer that meets the requirements of most of your needs. Whether it is an alternative diameter, length, shank, or other feature required, our Tailor Made offer delivers the highest quality and is matched with a swift delivery.

Advanced Engineering

For when Tailor Made does not meet the demands of your specific component feature, we offer Advanced Engineered tools. Based on our expertise and with your cooperation, we can engineer, design, and manufacture a bespoke product suited to your most complex application needs. View our Advanced Engineered product range below, or contact us directly.

Machining in carbon fiber or other complex material?

Have a look at our polycrystalline diamond (PCD) offer. Precorp® is a trademarked product technology solution for extremely high-strength cutting tools. Using a patented vein process technology enables innovative diamond tooling solutions in drills, reamers, end mills, and other tools. Watch this short video to see how we make the impossible, well, possible.

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Industry Solutions

With our deep knowledge of metal cutting and insight into the varying challenges of different industries, we strive to develop innovative solutions in cooperation with you to meet your current and future demands.

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Find the Right Tool

Watch the video to learn more about products that are offered within Versatile, Optimized, and Customized ranges.

Review Our Catalog to Find Your Standard Tools

Download and share your digital version of the solid round tools catalog.

CoroDrill® 400 and 430 for ISO N

Customized for automotive component drilling, the straight-flute CoroDrill® 400 and 3-flute CoroDrill® 430 are now available with a new grade optimized for aluminum silicon alloys.

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