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​​​​QS™ holding system is a quick change tool holder for maximized machine utilization in sliding head machines. The system is available with high-precision coolant for excellent process security.

Easy tool change for reduced downtime
  • Single screw release of holder simultaneously pulls out the wedge, for easy tool change and setup
  • Spring clamping mechanism of the wedge eliminates the risks of the tool holder dropping into the machine
  • No diameter adjustment is necessary thanks to the back stop—close repeatability tolerance for insert edge position
  • QS™ holding system can be quickly mounted on the machine with no reconstruction
Process security with high precision
  • High-precision coolant improves chip control, tool life, and component quality
  • The stable tool clamping adds secure insert edge position for good repeatability and accuracy​
  • Coolant is easily connected with the dedicated coolant connection kits​




QS holders are available with or without high-precision coolant.


  • Turning, parting, grooving, and threading of small components
  • Sliding head machines
    • Available for Citizen, Star, Tsugami, Hanwha, Tornos, and Nexturn machines
QS holders


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Wedge for QS™ holding system

Wedge MTM Model Shank
ISO metric ANSI inch
QS-150TsugamiBH 38161610 (5/8)
QS-160TsugamiBS 32/BS 20161610 (5/8)
For front position
TsugamiS 205/S 206/S 207121208 (1/2)
QS-140 HP
For back position
TsugamiS 205/S 206/S 207121208 (1/2)
QS-410HanwaXD 20H, J/XD 26H121208 (1/2)
QS-450HanwaXD 32H161610 (5/8)
QS-10CitizenR04/R078086 (3/8)
QS-20CitizenA16, C12, K12, K16, L16, L2010106
QS-30CitizenA20, B20, C16, C20, C32, K12, K16, L16, L201212 
QS-30ACitizenA20, B20, C16, C20, C32, K12, K16, L16, L20 08 (1/2)
QS-31CitizenL16 VIII, L7201212 
QS-31ACitizenL16 VIII, L720 08 (1/2)
QS-40CitizenL32, M20, M321616 
QS-40ACitizenL32, M20, M32 10 (5/8)
QS-130TornosDelta 12/201212, 161608 (1/2), 10 (5/8)
 TsugamiB0, BS, BU, BM, BN, BA, and BW models1212, 161608 (1/2), 10 (5/8)
QS-230ANexturnSA20 08 (1/2)
QS-240NexturnSA26161610 (5/8)
(For back position and front position for parting-off tools)
StarSB-16, SC20, SE12/1610106 (3/8)
SE16B, SR16, SR20, SR20R121208 (1/2)
S25/32J161610 (5/8)
(For front position for turning tools)  
StarSB-16, SC20, SE12/1610106 (3/8)
SE16B, SR16, SR20, SR20R121208 (1/2)
S25/32J161610 (5/8)
For front position
StarSB16, SV3010106 (3/8)
For back position
StarSB16, SV3010106 (3/8)
QS-361StarSB20R121208 (1/2)

Note: The information above is a guide to choosing the correct tooling combinations. However, you should always perform a practical test to ensure the correct fit.


Quick change with QS™ holding system:
  1. Untighten screw, take out holder
  2. Index the insert
  3. Place, tighten, and produce components
How to apply QS™ holding system:
  1. Remove conventional wedge
  2. Replace with 2 × QS wedges
  3. Adjust insert edge position, and clamp short holder with QS wedge
  4. Clamp stop in contact with short holder using the other wedge
  5. Connect the coolant
Quick change with QS™ holding system
1. Loosen screw, take out holder​ 2. Index the insert​ 3. Replace holder, tighten, produce components​​


​​​​​Handling instructions

To assemble the coolant kit »

To disassemble the coolant kit »​
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