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What is Silent Tools?

Silent Tools is the trademark for a family of tool holders for tuning, milling, boring and drilling. The tool holders are designed to minimize vibrations through a dampener inside the tool body. The majority of Silent Tools customers’ use these tools for long overhangs however, even with shorter overhangs, large productivity increases and surface quality improvements are to be gained.

Whether you increase your metal removal, improve your surface finish, secure your process or reduce your production costs you will certainly enjoy the silence.

Silent Tools™ brochure

Complete Silent Tools capability brochure, describing our offer and capabilities in damped tooling. The brochure includes turning, milling, boring, and engineering solutions.

Application guide

The application guide explains how to use dampened tools in the best and most efficient way within boring, milling and turning applications.

It includes tips and hints for problem free machining when using overhang lengths above 3xD.

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