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Silent Tools™ for turning



To avoid vibration, use Silent Tools for overhangs over 3 × D.


​Ensure clamping length minimum of 4 × D.


​Use split sleeve mounting for maximum clamping contact. Sleeves used in split boring bar holders for downsizing facilitate the correct clamping length to minimize vibration.

Application tips

Maximum recommended overhang

  • The selection of boring bar material has a huge impact on achieving the best production economy
  • Overhangs up to 10 × DMM are usually solved by applying a steel damped boring bar to accomplish a sufficient process
  • Overhangs over 10 × DMM require a carbide reinforced damped boring bar to reduce radial deflection and vibration
  • Internal turning is extremely sensitive to vibration. Minimize the tool overhang, and select the largest possible tool size in order to obtain the best possible stability and accuracy
  • For internal turning with steel damped boring bars, the First Choice is 570-3C type bars
  • For grooving and threading where the radial forces are higher than in turning, the recommended bar type is 570-4C

Maximum recommended overhang for different bar types

Bar type Turning Grooving Threading
Steel boring bars 4 × DMM 3 × DMM 3 × DMM
Carbide boring bars 6 × DMM 5 × DMM 5 × DMM
Steel damped boring bars 10 × DMM 5 × DMM* 5 × DMM*
Carbide reinforced damped boring bars 14 × DMM 7 × DMM 7 × DMM

* 570-4C bars

​Boring bar diameter

inch mm    
Overhang L/D
  Steel damped boring bars Carbide reinforced damped boring bars    

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