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Silent Tools™ for turning

Become more efficient

​The connectivity of Silent Tools™ Plus is available for operators through a digital dashboard with data directly from inside your component.

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Silent Tools™ Plus benefits

Shorten set-up times

The center height setting functionality displays the level of the cutting edge. This way, operators can quickly and easily set the center height of the insert to the right level. The result is better machining performance and longer insert tool life.

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Improved decision-making

Knowing what is happening inside the component is a challenge when performing internal turning in slender components. By displaying on a dashboard when the tool is or is not in cut, the operator can easily get a sense of the machining. Thus, time when the machine is running without the tool in cut can be reduced.

The Silent Tools™ Plus vibration indicator will pick up issues with your machining at an early stage and help you prevent chip jamming.

Better utilization of equipment

The temperature of the damping system is displayed on the Silent Tools™ Plus dashboard, enabling operators to prevent damage to the system due to heat.

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Quick change interface

The new quick change interface between adapter and cutting head has been developed for easy handling and optimized machine utilization. It is designed to enable quick and accurate cutting head changes.

Silent Tools™ Plus offer

Dampened Silent Tools™ Plus adapter kit with embedded connectivity and required accessories. A two year warranty applies to all items included in the adapter kit.

Subscription service includes access to software features, support, continuous software updates and license management.

To use this offer, you need both the connected adapter and the subscription service. The software can be run on any Windows 10 device with Bluetooth 3.0 or later/newer (device not included in the offer).

Feature packages


Requires standard Silent Tools™ Plus dampened adapter


In development, coming soon


Requires strain gauge-equipped Silent Tools™ Plus dampened adapter


In development, coming soon

Operator training and support 24 hours a day on weekdays
Software updates and new features
Center height setting
Real-time data visualization – temperature, in-cut detection
Real-time data visualization – surface roughness and vibration
Real-time data visualization – load and deflection

Get started now

  1. Log in

    To log in you need to have a Sandvik Coromant user account.
    Log in or register

  2. Activate

    Register your tool to activate the license using the serial number delivered with the tool.

  3. Download and install

    Download and install the software on a device running Microsoft Windows 10.

  4. Start using software

    Find the Silent Tools™ Plus adapter on the list of available tools and connect. Apply the license key from the registration e-mail when prompted.

  5. Safety

    Read the manuals for safe and correct use of the equipment.

  6. Charging

    Unpack the battery and charger and start charging the battery. See battery manual for more information.

Please note:

Software and adapter can be used offline for periods of up to two months at a time before a quick online verification is needed.

Software updates are released regularly. It is recommended to always use the latest version.

The only time internet access is required is during software activation, online verification at two-month intervals and when performing software updates.


The offer is available in the countries marked in yellow on the map below.




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