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Turning inserts and grades for non-ferrous materials


H10 is a first dhoice grade for roughing and finishing of aluminum alloys. This uncoated carbide grade features a unique combination of excellent abrasive wear resistance and edge sharpness.

Benefits and f​eatures​

  • Roughing and finishing
  • Long tool life
  • Excellent finish surface

Cost-efficient tools for aluminum wheel machining

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Application Tips for Turning

Heavy intermittent cuts or vibration-prone components can slow down your production. Find out how to overcome these machining challenges.

Turning Aluminum – The Basics

Discover how the machinability of aluminum differs depending on alloying elements, heat treatments, and manufacturing processes.

Turning Troubleshooting

Are you dealing with long, snarling chips or poor surface finish? Find the most common turning challenges and their solutions here.

Find your grade

Our non-ferrous insert grade assortment consists of both uncoated and PVD-coated carbide and crystalline diamond grades for various machining conditions. Use the information below to find the right grade for your production.

Application area
Machining conditions: GoodAverageDifficult


PVD-grade recommended for stable conditions when high metal removal is needed in medium to rough applications.

​CoroTurn® 107: External and internal machining of small and slender components.

T-Max®: Flat inserts without screw hole.

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Uncoated carbide grade that combines excellent abrasive wear resistance and edge sharpness for roughing to finishing of aluminum alloys.​

CoroTurn® 107: External and internal machining of small and slender components.

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​PCD grade for finishing and semi-finishing of highly abrasive materials such as aluminum alloys with high silicon content, metal matrix composites (MMC), fiberglass, fiberboard, and wood laminates.

CoroTurn® 107: External and internal machining of small and slender components.

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Complementary grades


Uncoated carbide grade combines good abrasive wear resistance and toughness for medium to rough turning of aluminum alloys.

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PVD-coated carbide grade best for demanding operations or for when sharp edges are needed for non-ferrous materials.

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Non-ferrous Materials – The Basics

Learn more about the non-ferrous material group that contains soft metals with hardnesses under 130 HB, except for high strength bronzes (>225HB).

Struggling to Find the Right Tool for the Job?

Let CoroPlus® ToolGuide find quick and accurate tool recommendations— on all of your devices!

Troubleshooting for Turning

The aerospace engine is composed of a large number of titanium and HRSA components. Explore complete machining solutions for them here.

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