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Sandvik Productivity Centers teach your staff new skills

Does your firm risk stumbling over the competence gap? A company can only develop and maintain top performance by investing in the training and education of its workforce. This holds true for all industrial operations of any size.

The necessity of improving skills to stay ahead of the competition is more apparent than ever. The economic crisis and globalization remind us of this constantly. Many companies now ask more from us so that they can surpass the competition in both basic skills and advanced techniques. In response we are making major changes to our educational services.

Whether you’re looking for a short specific instruction or a longer course, you want to identify the costs and measure the results. We will present the case for education so that you can calculate the investment and benefits clearly.

We have a long tradition of providing training, and we intend to build upon the goodwill that is already present in your personnel. You want to cultivate a motivated workforce with in-depth knowledge of the latest and smartest techniques. We want you to realize that potential. Your engineers and tool operators want to improve themselves by mastering new skills and materials. In today’s highly competitive markets, continuing education is essential to retain talent.

We can train your staff to minimize wear on tools. Let us share our knowledge on how to modernize machinery by updating solutions with the latest in best practices. Here a few common goals you might have for a training programme.

  • To optimize processes and learn new and alternative solutions in tooling and geometries
  • To obtain fundamental theoretical and application knowledge in areas such as turning, milling, drilling, boring and tool holding
  • To maintain training and education with a minimum number of staff
  • To learn about new materials
  • To upgrade machining and programming skills.

We have more than two dozen Productivity Centers around the world. More than 30,000 engineers, technicians and operators sign up for our technical training programmes each year. On-site training at customer facilities and customized training based on specific modules, from basic to advanced, are also extremely popular. Increasingly, some of you want online courses or instruction on demand.

Return on investment for education sometimes has a direct measurable effect, while at other times the effect is better judged over time. However, rising demand for training and education shows that you recognize the value of improved competence.


Make your business fly

Sandvik Coromant training modules helped large aerospace manufacturer explore greater efficiencies.

Teaching the right techniques can keep you soaring

Looking into the future

Looking into the future

Sandvik Coromant competence training helped a struggling workshop in the aviation industry turn into an efficient and profitable operation.

How it all changed

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