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Technical training

Why education must continue
Technical training

Technical training courses for production managers, engineers and machine operators can have a major economic impact on a manufacturing operation. But how should you manage continuing education to maximize its positive effects?

Education is an essential key to remaining competitive. By developing your staff's technical competence, you can optimize your work processes. We offer training programs at our Sandvik Coromant Centers worldwide, and we can also visit your facilities to teach and demonstrate our training curriculum. This includes standard and tailored modules to fit your requirements. Classes can be for groups, teams or individuals.

We also offer E-learning and Knowledge pages, which are great resources for independently studying metal cutting technology.

What we can do for you

Our programs range from fundamental (practical application of tools) to advanced (specialized training). Our course material is up-to-date and incorporates the latest technology in tooling, machining applications and materials to offer the best practical know-how in manufacturing economics.

This includes the theory of process considerations, machining methods and calculating cutting data for different tool selections. It also includes techniques for optimizing and troubleshooting grades and geometries. We guide you through extensive live demonstrations and exercise examples. This results in a better understanding of how to evaluate alternative approaches to machine processes and tooling. Increase your workforce's efficiency to save time, cut costs and increase productivity.

We close the skills gap by adjusting the balance of theory and practice to meet the needs of participants. When you come to a Sandvik Coromant Center, you can expect to gain hands-on experience.

Our standard course offering
  • Basic to advanced knowledge about turning, milling and drilling in different materials.
  • Practical product and application training with a focus on productivity and application know-how for different tooling concepts and material variations.
  • Specialized solution training for complex components and materials in Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Medical, Die and Mold and General Engineering.
Need a specialized course?

Don't hesitate to contact us to register for a course or discuss a tailor-made course.

Sign up for training at a Sandvik Coromant Center near you.


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Education retains talent

More than 30,000 people attend our courses every year, and we anticipate the demand for education to grow. The students in certain standard courses, typically running three to five days, come from different companies. Participants generally find the exchange of ideas and professional contact stimulating. Your staff will appreciate your investment in their competence. Education retains talent.

Make your business fly

Sandvik Coromant training modules helped large aerospace manufacturer explore greater efficiencies.

Teaching the right techniques can keep you soaring

Looking into the future

Looking into the future

Sandvik Coromant competence training helped a struggling workshop in the aviation industry turn into an efficient and profitable operation.

How it all changed

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