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​Reconditioning old tools – a good idea
Get started with reconditioning!

Increase your productivity and get a more reliable manufacturing process.

  • Contact your Sandvik Coromant representative to order a Reconditioning box.
  • Pack your solid carbide tools and ship the tools according to instructions.
  • Your tools are reconditioned to original quality and are delivered back to you within 2-3 weeks.

Reconditioning centers

Sandvik Coromant operates specialized reconditioning centers in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Nearly 100 percent of the solid carbide tool assortment is suitable for reconditioning. All centers are equipped with the latest technology and have to go through a certification process securing our quality standards.

How can we guarantee new tool performance?

By incorporating a process into the designing of our tools which allows exact copying in a future reconditioning we can guarantee new tool performance. The reconditioning process will reproduce geometry and coating of the original tool. The performance testing of reconditioned tools follows the same process as for new tools.

Looking after your interests

We encourage you to plan your reconditioning in advance to avoid unnecessary disruptions in your production. When it is no longer profitable for you to recondition the tool, the solid carbide tools can be recycled through our Recycling program that pays you market prices for carbide.

Below you can find instructions on how to pack your tools before sending them for reconditioning. It is important that you protect your tools from being damaged in any way besides normal machining wear if you want to send them for reconditioning.

The Sandvik Coromant Reconditioning Box

We take care of your tools.

Our Reconditioning boxes are available in two sizes:

  • Standard Box (300x200x138)
  • Large Box (400x300x138)

All boxes will be delivered with foam inlays to secure that the tools are protected during transport, for more information on how to avoid chipping during transport please have a look at our shipping instructions.


Packing instructionsPacking instructions


Sustainable business​

The earth’s resources are not infinite, and we aim to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible.​

Learn more​​​ ​​​​​​



You can rely on our Yellow coat experts for support and know-how.

Original performance
By reconditioning you get original tool quality – up to three times.

Reconditioning your tools is cost-efficient and saves you money

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