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Learn more about reconditioning your older tools

Save money with reconditioning
How to get started





Recondition your solid carbide tools back to their original quality up to three times.

  • Contact your Sandvik Coromant representative to order a reconditioning box.
  • Carefully pack your solid carbide tools in the box and ship to our reconditioning center according to enclosed instructions. (See more information below.)
  • Sandvik Coromant will recondition your tools back to original quality and deliver back to you within two to three weeks.

Reconditioning centers
Sandvik Coromant operates specialized reconditioning centers in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Nearly 100 percent of the solid carbide tool assortment is suitable for reconditioning (see product list below). All centers are certified, equipped with the latest technology, and are held to our top quality standards.

How can we guarantee new tool performance?
We guarantee tool performance after reconditioning. We incorporate a process into the design of our tools which allows for exact copying for future reconditioning.The reconditioning process will reproduce the same geometry and coating of the original tool. Performance testing is done on all reconditioned tools following the same process as our new tools to ensure quality.




Rely on our Yellowcoat experts for support and know-how for reconditioned solid carbide tools.

Original performance
Your solid carbide tools will be returned to you at their original quality and can be reconditioned up to three times.

Reconditioning your tools is cost-efficient and keeps inventory costs down.

Plan reconditioning to avoid disruptions

Plan when you send in tools for reconditioning so that you avoid unnecessary disruptions in your production schedule. Once a tool has been reconditioned three times and is not a candidate for reconditioning, solid carbide tools can be recycled. Our recycling program pays you market prices for your used carbide.


Sandvik Coromant Reconditioning Box

Chipping of the tools can happen during shipping and should be avoided. Take care to carefully pack your solid carbide tools following the enclosed instructions. All boxes will be delivered with foam inlays to secure that the tools are protected during transport. Tools that are damaged in any way besides normal machining wear may be ineligible for reconditioning.

Our reconditioning boxes are available in two sizes:

  • Standard Box (300x200x138)
  • Large Box (400x300x138)



Packing instructionsPacking instructions


Energy saving program in Japan

After the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Sandvik Coromant launched a program to reduce energy consumption by 15 percent in tool-cutting processes.

Tsunami eliminated cheap energy for metalworking in Japan

Scrap material turned into huge savings

Recycling carbide is not only good for the environment – it is also good for your business. You might be sitting on scrap material worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The value in recycling

This is how our solid carbide recovery works

This is how our solid carbide recovery works
Did you know that 95 percent of a used carbide insert can be recycled?


Read about our recycling program that turns your worn-out tools into a source of incomeRead about our recycling program that turns your worn-out tools into a source of income
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