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CoroReamer™ 435

Flute spacing

Extremely unequal flute spacing means that the divide is not the same for each tooth. As there are no teeth diametrically opposite each other, the reamer produces a hole with improved hole roundness variance.

Internal coolant

Internal coolant nozzles (axial for straight flute and lateral for spiral flute) deliver coolant directly to the cutting zone, resulting in longer tool life and good chip evacuation.

Versatile solutions

Designed for high performance and secure machining in a variety of materials, applications, components sizes and shapes, allowing maximum machine utilisation.

Näytä enemmän ominaisuuksia
  • Micro-grained carbide for high hardness and toughness
  • DIN 65535 HA shank to H6 tolerance and for direct clamping in hydraulic chucks, such as CoroChuck® 930, shrink-fit and high precision chucks
  • Cylindrical shank
  • Carbide grade H10F (uncoated)

The reaming range consists of Versatile, Optimized and Customized solutions within the Solid Round Tools product offer.

  • Versatile solutions features a complete range of high performance tools that offer high flexibility and cost efficiency.
  • Optimized solutions feature a unique line of refined tools for specific needs that provide extreme efficiency, reliability and durability.
  • Customized solutions feature Tailor Made and Advanced Engineered products, individually designed to meet the highest demands on performance.

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  • Diameter range: 3.97–20 mm (0.156–0.787 inch)
  • Suitable for all industry segments e.g. general machining, die and mould, automotive, energy and power generation
  • Available in spiral flute for through holes and straight flute for blind holes
  • Hole tolerance H7
  • Teräs
  • Valurauta
  • Ei-rautametallit

Product range

Spiral flute

  • For through holes
  • Radial coolant holes
  • Left hand helix
  • Chips are pushed forward

Straight flute

  • For blind holes
  • Central coolant hole
  • Chips pushed up the flute

Customized solutions

This reaming offer consists of Tailor Made and Advanced Engineered products, individually designed to meet the highest demands on performance.

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Tool holding

Use CoroChuck® 930 with your reamer to maintain efficient production through quick and easy tool set ups and changes.

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Solid round tools versatile offer catalogue

Are you looking for a solid carbide tool for multiple materials or applications?


Onko oikean työkalun valinta hankalaa? CoroPlus® ToolGuide antaa nopeasti täsmällisen työkalusuosituksen kaikilla laitteillasi.

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