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CoroCut® 1-2

Versatile parting and grooving

With more than 700 standard inserts, CoroCut 1-2 covers all parting and grooving applications in most materials, from standardized grooves to parting off and profiling in heat resistant super alloys.

Cost efficiency with two edges

The two-edge inserts are firmly positioned in the railed insert seat giving cost-efficiency and stable performance.

Secure and efficient machining

In grooving, chips easily get stuck in the curved groove, leading to insert breakage. CoroCut 1-2 tools with precision coolant securely evacuate the chips for an undisrupted machining process.

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  • Rail insert seat (down to 4 mm insert width) ensures stable and precise insert position
  • Profiling inserts for high precision profiling operations
  • Wiper design for excellent surface finish
  • Neutral, right- and left hand style inserts with geometries dedicated for parting off
  • Inserts for hard part turning at high feed rates
  • Blanks for do-it-yourself grinding
  • Grooving inserts in many widths and with many corner radii
  • Tailor Made inserts and tools

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  • Parting, external grooving, face grooving, internal grooving, profiling and hard part turning
  • Roughing to finishing

In parting off and external grooving CoroCut® 1-2 is a cost-efficient solution to depths where the 2-edged inserts can be used.

  • Aciers
  • Aciers inoxydables
  • Fontes
  • Métaux non-ferreux
  • Superalliages réfractaires
  • Matières trempées

Product variants

Tool holding

  • Coromant Capto®, VDI, and HSK-T for connecting QS shanks and parting blades in turning centres
  • QS™ stops for connecting QS shanks and swiss tools, machine specific adaptors
  • Rectangular shanks and boring bars

Plug and play adaptors for easy coolant connection

CoroTurn SL blades

CoroTurn SL cutting blades enable a wide range of tool combinations from a small inventory of adaptors and cutting heads.

Insert geometries

  • Parting off: -CF; -CM; -CR; -CS
  • Grooving and side turning: -TF; -TM
  • Grooving: -GF;-GM; -GR
  • Profiling: -RO; -RM; -RE
  • WIPER: -CF; -TF
  • Hart part turning: -XB

Insert grades

  • PVD: GC1105; GC1125; GC1145
  • CVD: GC1135; GC4325; S05F; CG3115
  • CBN: CB7015, CB7025, CB7105 and CB7115
  • PCD: CD10
  • Uncoated: H13A; H10F

Tailor Made

Tailor Made option available

Stable insert position

Inside the tools sits an extremely rigid spring clamping mechanism which ensure a stable and precise insert position. This in turn, allows for increased feed rate

See the comparison between spring clamping and screw clamping here.



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Tournage dur avec CoroCut 1-2

La nouvelle géométrie -XB autorise des très grandes avances pouvant atteindre 1.2 mm/tr (0.0047 pouce/tr) sans compromettre la qualité des états de surface.

Accessibilité avec les plaquettes angulaires

Les plaquettes angulaires sont idéales pour les gorges difficiles d'accès comme, par exemple, dans les disques de turbines ; elles peuvent remplacer les outils spéciaux.

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Seal fin grooving

Generating small radii profiles with correct profile width puts demands on a robust tooling solution. CoroCut 1-2 for seal fin grooving is available in insert width 1.5 and 2 mm (0.059 and 0.079 inch).

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