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Sandvik Coromant in Gimo – the workplace with world-leading technology

​​​​​​​​​​​​At Sandvik Coromant we shape the future to create a flourishing and sustainable place where mechanical engineering and technological solutions help to meet the challenges of tomorrow. One of our production units is located in Gimo. This is where we manufacture extremely hard metal cutting inserts, which our customers use to produce anything from small parts machining to aircraft engines. Do you want to join us and shape the future together? Excellent working environment and beautiful surroundings included.

Sandvik Coromant in Gimo from above  

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Quiet and clean production environment

The tools that are manufactured in Gimo are exported to customers all over the world, for the most technologically demanding processes imaginable. Our activities are divided into two plants, one for the inserts and one for the tool systems. Both of these are the biggest production plants in the world in their respective fields and in total the surface area of our premises amounts to 110,000 square metres. The manufacturing processes are highly automated, and the factory environment is totally quiet and clean. Security is tight and most of what happens is hidden from view, the sections where new solutions are developed being the most secret. 


On the way towards a green factory

We want to shape the future to create a sustainable place. This embraces the whole of what we do, and we have been working with various energy efficiency measures for a long time. Our recycling programme is extensive and most of our incoming material for production comes from recycled hard metal. This means that 70 per cent less energy is required than if they were manufactured from newly acquired raw materials. 

In 2018 we developed a tool of our own, Grön Fabrik (Green Factory & facilities), to establish how sustainable our factory is. The tool has a six-step scale and shows how the factory manages incoming resources, outgoing emissions and waste. It also assesses how the working environment, buildings, media, infrastructure and production function. Based on that, we are able to see what is required to move forward on the scale within each area.


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Involvement with the community on a substantial scale

As the county’s largest private workplace, we want to contribute to creating a community that is as sustainable for people and the environment as it is for our business. In the autumn of 2018 Sandvik Coromant started a collaboration with UNICEF Sweden and Brynäs IF “A Good Start” initiative. Both work towards the long-term objective that all children should have a good start in life. All children are entitled to a safe upbringing – we feel very strongly about giving them the opportunity to follow their dreams, to develop and to be inspired to discover and research technology. Our collaboration with UNICEF Sweden and “A Good Start” enables us to contribute to that objective.

Students, welcome to Gimo!

Study visits are a common occurrence at our plants in Gimo. We start off with a welcome presentation in our film room and then proceed to look at our manufacturing facility. Study visits can be tailored as required. Some of the themes we tend to focus on are, for example, Industry 4.0, automation and the environment. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any ideas or requests regarding the proposed arrangements.

Curious about our operation?

We provide internships, summer jobs, trainee programmes and supervision for degree projects. We are interested in all committed and ambitious students with exciting ideas in areas such as IT, the environment and management. Read more about what we can offer you as a student.

For future engineers

You can apply for a job as a summer technologist or an internship via our collaboration with the Tekniksprånget programme. We work actively towards promoting female Masters of Science in Engineering with an interest in management through the Female Leader Engineer programme, and we also sponsor Engineers Without Borders.

Living and working in Gimo

Gimo is located in scenic Roslagen, Östhammar municipality – a Swedish gem of an area with a stretch of coastline and a stunning archipelago. It comes as no surprise that many families choose to settle and work in these surroundings.

Sandvik Coromant Gimo as a workplace

About 1,400 people work at Sandvik Coromant in Gimo. This makes us Uppsala county’s largest private employer. We are a global company that has constant exchanges with other parts of the group, providing extensive career opportunities. You can grow and develop within the company – the only limitations are what you are prepared to put in.

In addition to good benefits and an excellent working environment, the factory’s scenic location is a big plus. After work you can walk a couple of hundred metres and take a dip in the nearby lake.

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The village, public services and leisure

Gimo has a long industrial heritage and currently has a population of about 2,500. Attractive converted works buildings share space with newer apartments and residential housing. The centre features buildings from the mid 1900s and there is a large ICA store as well as public services and restaurants. The village has several preschools, a primary and lower secondary school and two sixth-form colleges, of which Wilhelm Haglunds Gymnasium is 90% owned by Sandvik. There is no shortage of sporting facilities for those who are keen: a swimming pool, artificial grass pitch, indoor ice rink, riding school and the Gimo Ski Center, to name but a few. 

A popular travel destination for visitors who come here is the beautiful Gimo Herrgård manor. Its excellent food and luxurious accommodation make it a perfect destination for both private individuals and company conferences.


​Contact us

Sandvik Coromant Gimo
747 44 Gimo

Telephone +46 (0)173-840 00

Find us on a map

How to get here

Gimo is located where road numbers 288 and 292 meet, so it’s easy to find. It takes 1.5 hours from Stockholm, 40 minutes from Uppsala and 60 minutes from Gävle.

Upplands Lokaltrafik provides bus connections (number 811) to and from Gimo. On weekdays there are buses to Uppsala and Östhammar every hour during off-peak periods and every half hour at peak times. There are also buses to and from Tierp via county road number 292.


Group visits to the facility usually start from the visitors’ car park at the Mill. This is also where our lecture hall, our workshop museum and the Knutmasso Museum are situated.

Individual visitors should register at reception in industry area 1, or at the security point in industry area 2. Safety instructions are handed out there and a short safety film is shown.  

Sandvik Coromant Gimo

Our two industry areas:

Industry area 1 Tool manufacturing (see map)

The main entrance/reception and visitors’ car park are at Verktygsgatan 11​. 

If the switchboard/reception area is closed (outside office hours), please contact the security guard by phone on +46 (0)173-842 61

Industry area 2 Inserts manufacturing (see map)

Along road number 288 towards Östhammar. The visitors’ car park is by the main entrance/security point.

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