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​CoroMill® Dura

​Complete inch assortment of solid end mills for mu​lti-material applications and aluminum​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CoroMill® Dura is a complete range of inch solid carbide end mills that implement the patented WhisperKut technology.  Designed to offer a productive and cost efficient solution, CoroMill® Dura works in a wide range of applications and materials. Stock holding can be reduced, and greater machine fle​xibility is offered leading to reduced set-up time.​​


  • Designed for milling in a wide range of materials and applications across all industry sectors​​
  • Offer excellent stability and reduced chatter​
  • Using one end mill for all materials, stock holding can be reduced, and greater machine flexibility is offered. This leading to reduced set-up time​
  • Dedicated solution for Aluminum machining​
  • Complete inch assortment


  • Asymmetrical variable Helix design​
  • Variable flute spacing
  • High quality substrate
  • ​Controlled micro edge process​

​Application area​

  • WhisperKut geometry can be applied in many applications and components across multiple industries​
  • Suitable in ISO P, K, M, S and H material in the general engineering and automotive industries​
  • Applicable for a large variety of operations​​
  • ​WhisperKut technology is also available for Aluminum applications in a dedicated assortment


​Product Range​​​

WhisperKut Multi-material​​

3-Flute design for heavy profile and slotting operations​​

4-Flute​​​ design suitable for plunging, pocketing and for 15°–4​5° ramping​​​

5-Flute design for roughing and finishing applications

7-Flute design for high feed milling and finishing applications​​​

WhisperKut ​Aluminum
3-Flute design for aluminum
 allowing for both heavy profile and slotting applications. Advanced cutter geometry with wiper flats for improved floor ​finish​. Available coated and ​​uncoated​.



​​Down​load​ the c​​atalog​


​​​Download the new CoroMill Dura catalog, featuring all parameters and ordering information.

Downl​oad it here​​​​

​​​WhisperKut technology​

WhisperKut is a patented technology able to significantly break up harmonics, reduce chatter and vibration.​

Body design​​

Each cutting flutes is oriented at a different helix angle with respect to all remaining flutes, allowing good stability and effectiveness in eliminating harmful harmonics.​


​Head design​

​Each flute is unequally spaced from the others, reducing the constant harmonics typically produced with conventional end mills.​​

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