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Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

Sandvik Coromant is proud to recognize and celebrate women in engineering.

What started as a local initiative in the UK by the Women's Engineering Society to highlight the good things that women engineers do has grown into an international movement to celebrate women globally who work in engineering and encourages girls and women to consider engineering careers.

June 23, 2020, marks International Women in Engineering Day. We are proud to celebrate women in engineering who. at Sandvik Coromant, make up 18% of our global workforce and 30% of next-generation managers. Females also account for a 40% share of global management teams. There's more work to be done, for sure, but it is clear that our gender initiatives are starting.

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To learn more about International Women in Engineering Day, visit

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"It can be tough for women to join a mostly male-dominated sector and those impressions start off early. I also think that we need to engage with students at a younger age than we usually do. They often make up their minds as early as 14 or 15 years old. It is our responsibility to support them by creating an open-minded approach and showing them all possible options without building barriers. By doing that, we can make them aware of the purpose and human progress that can be achieved."

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"I am proud to work for an organization that recognizes and celebrates women in our industry. Supporting International Women in Engineering Day helps to raise the profile of women engineers and encourages young women to consider engineering as a profession. The women we are highlighting from the Americas are an inspiration to me and all of us at Sandvik Coromant."



Like our global organization, we are also proud to celebrate women in manufacturing and engineering. One such way is by supporting Women in Manufacturing (WiM), the only US trade association dedicated to providing year-round support to women who have chosen a career in the manufacturing industry. Sandvik Coromant supports Women in Manufacturing as a corporate member and as a Founding Sponsor to the WiM Education Foundation. Learn more about Women in Manufacturing:

We asked female engineers, who help comprise the diverse workforce in Sandvik Coromant's Sales Area Americas, what it means to them to be a woman in engineering, and also any advice they have for young women who are interested in engineering. Here's what they have to say:

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Being in the manufacturing field wasn’t the first choice for me while growing up as I wanted to be a teacher. I was raised to believe I can do anything I wanted to pursue. Growing up I frequently helped my dad who was a mechanic and my grandfather who was a farmer. I never felt I had to be in a certain career because of my gender. My dad wanted me to become an Engineer as I liked the Sciences but I ended up becoming a machinist. A machinist made more sense for me in the end as I liked the hands-on aspect of it. Currently, I am in a sales role; Account Manager with Sandvik for Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
I wish more women would try manufacturing. Having more female role models and mentors certainly help. But looking back on my role models were the men in my life. My Dad, grandfather, uncles and now male coworkers past and present that saw something in me. Having men encouraging women to succeed and to take a chance on a career path less traveled makes the career more welcoming. One of the challenges I see in general is most people don’t know who machinists or engineers are but almost everything we use in our daily lives like cars, buses, planes, and even cellphones has been designed or built by someone in our industry. There is a skilled people shortage in manufacturing but if we encourage women to get on board it could instantly lessen the shortage.
What I would say to young women who are interested in manufacturing is to go for it! It is a very rewarding and challenging career!

Consuelo Nava sharepoint 2x2.jpg


For me, being an engineer is a great success and a challenge. It is not easy to work in an environment mostly comprised of men. However, the key to success is not your gender. This, for me, is a philosophy that I apply to my personal life and my professional life. When you get results it makes you earn the respect of others and leads you to success. We must not forget that the results are important but it is also HOW YOU GET THEM, especially if you aspire to be a LEADER, when you focus on teamwork you do your best and the barriers are broken.

My advice would be to not be afraid when you making the decision to study engineering, since it's an interesting discipline where it makes you take on new challenges, where we are able to fulfill rigorous and challenging tasks. Don’t be held back by stereotypes. If it’s something you’re passionate about and you believe you can do it, go for it. So many times I've said to myself, ‘Is this something I can do? I don't know, just try! ’And every time I try, I realize that anything can be done. It's a matter of time, effort, and attitude."

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Being a woman in engineering to me means that I get to contribute to the progress and development of our society every day. Whether it is working with an aerospace customer whose parts will be used to fly us around the world or a customer who makes parts for the cars we use to safely transport ourselves and our loved ones, every day brings a new challenge in which I get to use problem-solving skills and have an opportunity to build a better relationship with our customers or learn something new.

My advice for young women interested in engineering is to be persistent and consistent. Never lose the ability to be a student after you leave the classroom because this is when your real learning begins. I have had the great opportunity to have many amazing mentors during my time in this industry so far, who were both male and female. So my advice to you is to find strong mentors. Female mentors will be able to relate to you and help guide you because they have paved the way. Male mentors who have helped build this industry understand the untapped talent that women bring to manufacturing and engineering and how much we have to contribute.

Rosa Reyes sharepoint 2x2.jpg 


Being an engineer gives me the opportunity to contribute to and improve our society through the creation of innovative ideas and solutions, which converge in a balanced way benefitting the whole environment.

My advice for young women is to believe strongly in yourself because it is very clear that women are necessary in engineering. Imagine how fantastic it is to open doors and create roads where there never have been; remember that obstacles and difficulties exist in all areas, and engineering is not different, as in other areas consistency and attitude are the most important thing for getting success and those qualities are not about gender, it is about individuals.

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For me, it means the conquest of a great dream, which was not only dreamed by me, but by my family as well. Since I was little, I was driven to do what I wanted, no matter if it was a "boy thing" or "girl thing," so it gave me the empowerment to follow my dreams. Being a female engineer also means fighting for equal space, in an environment that is still considered "masculine." I am very proud to be a Production Engineer, and I love what I do!

If I could advise those interested in engineering, I would say that you never give up on dreams, dream big, because the realization of dreams is very worthwhile. If that's what you feel like, don't let adversity make you give up this career. Engineering is not easy, but the feeling of overcoming it is so good that it is worth the effort. prepared to at some point "get your hands dirty" and get dirty with grease! (I think it's the part I like the most).

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Back in November of 2019, the official statistics in Mexico stated that 66 percent of Mexican women suffered violence for emotional, physical, sexual, economic, or discrimination in the work area. To me, being a woman in engineering means that I need to be ready for all the challenges of the role, at the same time, showing other women that the engineering world is also made for us. (See graphs below.)

My advice for young women is that we are strong and intelligent enough to solve any kind of engineering problem with success. Never give up and learn continuously on your professional and personal performance.

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