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Sandvik Coromant Newsletter January 2020

Industry news, events, products and solutions to improve your business

The latest Sandvik Coromant newsletter is out! Don't miss this drilling demo in 7 x D, learn about options for solid carbide tooling for specific materials and discover upcoming training events near you for February and March.

Optimized solutions for your needs

The World's longest short hole drill: CoroDrill® DS20

The world's longest short hole drill: CoroDrill® DS20


The CoroDrill® DS20 has the longest reach: It's the first indexable drill in the metalworking world that goes to seven times diameter. No more flipping over of big components to drill from the other side just because the indexable drill's length falls short of your component's requirement. After seven years of development, the CoroDrill® DS20 is set to become the benchmark for deep and high-precision drilling. Watch this demo film to see the CoroDrill DS20® in action.

5 Questions with Mark Backus

5 Questions with Mark Backus


We asked Mark Backus questions about his role as a Product Specialist for Machine Integration/Tooling Systems and how customers can benefit from using the "right from the start" approach when buying a new machine for faster machine payback, productivity and profitability.

Optimized solutions for your needs

Optimized solutions for your production needs


Do you need a solid round tool dedicated for a specific material, refined for a specific application or for medium to large batch production? Optimized Solutions might be right for you. Check out our new solid round tools: CoroDrill® 860 with -SM geometry, CoroDrill® 863 with -O geometry and CoroMill® 316 grade update.

Made for milling aluminium

Made for milling aluminum


The M5B90 face milling concept offers a highly effective tool for super finishing automotive parts like cylinder heads, blocks, covers, and other aluminum components with wide cutting engagements. The M5B90 cutter is designed with a unique axial and radial positioning of the inserts, which allows each insert to instantly cut chips efficiently without any insert adjustments. 


Metal Cutting Technology


Our Metal Cutting Technology course builds a foundation in basic metal cutting theory and teaches participants how to apply it properly. The three-day course covers topics like how cutting data is calculated and which formulas to use.


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