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Woman-Owned Shop Goes Prime Time

Precision Shapes in Titusville, Florida, switches to CoroTurn Prime and PrimeTurning to deliver top quality components in difficult-to-machine Inconel

The 30,000-ft2 (2787.1-m2), 60-employee CNC machine shop, a woman-owned small business (WOSB), produces everything from seat brackets and actuator levers to wing clips and heat sinks, many of which leverage the long-length milling process to machine part profiles en masse before sawing them to length and finish machining the balance of the workpiece.

​A recent job, which involved milling Inconel 625 rings, was giving Precisions Shapes some difficulties. Tool life was so poor that roughing, semi-roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing tools were needed to complete each face and the outer profile, for a cycle time of nearly four hours per part. Worse, the CNMG rougher had to be indexed four times per cycle, adding considerable expense to a part that was slated to run for the next year—1,100 pieces in all— and PSI quickly grew concerned about its ability to deliver.

Sandvik Coromant’s Matthew O’Neill was brought in to see what could be done to increase tool life and hopefully reduce cycle time, an effort that seemed doubtful considering that the turret was already filled with his Coromant cutting tools. As it turned out, O’Neill had a new trick up his sleeve, one that would not only meet both of his customer’s objectives quite handily, but do so to such an extent that the second lathe proved unnecessary. The solution? CoroTurn Prime and PrimeTurning.

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