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CoroPlus® Tool Path

Tool path generation for turning

Use dedicated software to generate NC code for threading and PrimeTurning™ applications.

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NC code for SpiroGrooving™

Calculate the tool path and generate the NC code for seal ring applications based on a few input parameters.

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Programming for InvoMilling™

Generate NC program for InvoMilling™ in three simple steps.

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CoroPlus® Tool Path for turning

Generate NC code for thread turning and PrimeTurning™ applications in your browser. Access all turning features by purchasing the annual subscription. The software is free to try for 30 days.

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Applications and features for turning included

PrimeTurning™ application


Generate correct and optimized NC codes and techniques to speed up programming of your PrimeTurning™ operations and secure maximum output of your CoroTurn® Prime tools.

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Thread turning application

Thread turning

Generate NC code for your external and internal thread turning operations to secure correct number of passes with evenly distributed cutting forces for optimal productivity, tool life and process security.

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CoroPlus® Tool Path for SpiroGrooving™

SpiroGrooving™ is a unique solution for secure and productive machining of seal ring grooves on non-rotating components. The complete package for the machining method includes tools and the SpiroGrooving™ code generator, which generates your NC code in a few simple steps.

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CoroPlus® Tool Path for InvoMilling®

InvoMilling® is a process for machining external gears with unmatched flexibility, making it very attractive for small batch production and when short lead times are crucial. The solution benefits from multi-task machines and machining centers capability to produce many different gear profiles with the same set of tools.

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Turning reinvented

PrimeTurning™ is a turning strategy where you enter the component at the chuck and remove material in the direction towards the end of the component.

CoroPlus® ToolLibrary

Create and export tool assemblies to your CAM, simulation or tool management software through CoroPlus® ToolLibrary.


The CoroPlus® portfolio contains several connected solutions made ready for Industry 4.0.

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